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Gustavo Lauria


Co-Founder & CCO

Gus is the creative mind behind We Believers.

Was named one of the 50 Most Creative People in the world by & Top 100 by .

Jury member at the Titanium Category and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Also , CLIOS and President at EL SOL, EL OJO, and WAVE among others.

Co-Chairman of the US Hispanic Creative Circle.

Inventor of the Eco Six Pack Rings.

Marco Vega


Co-Founder & President

Passionate serial entrepreneur with a robust business backbone.

Industrial Engineer with 20+ years experience in CPG, Consulting and Advertising.

Former consultant and engineer at . board member.

Lead Developer of the Eco Six Pack Rings.

José Quijano

José Quijano

Managing Partner, Head of Client Services
Marcia Jaes

Marcia Jaes

Head of Production
Santiago Luna Lupo

Santiago Luna Lupo

Executive Creative Director
Natalia Gamarra

Natalia Gamarra

Director of Operations
Patricio Elfi

Patricio Elfi

Executive Creative Director
Marta Noriega

Marta Noriega

Director of Finances